Sympathy for the Devil


Just picture this:

Manchester United – the Red Devils – is about to play SL Benfica – a team that has a supporters group called “Diabos Vermelhos” (…Red Devils!) and whose home stadium – Estádio da Luz – is often dubbed as the “inferno da Luz” – “Luz’s Hell”. Also, Lucifer is the “lightbearer”, “Luz” is “light” in portuguese…

The match takes place on Winning Eleven 9: Liveware Evolution, a killer of a retro-PES game. I choose Estadio Gran Chaco as the designated stadium for this matchup, a fake venue that some say slightly resembles La Bombonera.

…the latter part doesn’t quite fit in with the devilish theme, does it?

Stick around, you’ll be impressed.


Have you seen the movie Rosemary’s Baby?

**SPOILER ALERT** The main character in that movie eventually finds out that she gave birth to the son of the Devil. Check out the inverted cross on the baby’s crib.

Creepy stuff, ain’t it?

But what does this have to do with PES, you ask?

Well, as I was playing out my quite devilish encounter between two self-professed devilish football clubs, on the wonderful scenario that Estadio Gran Chaco provides, I spot the unthinkable. I thought this match couldn’t get any more evil, but I was in for a treat.

Inverted cross(es?) on top of a building/buildings. Creeeepy...

Two inverted crosses or just one? Anyway, at least the right side one is clearly inverted, as per the Rosemary’s baby’s crib aesthetics you’ve just seen.

Questions abound.

I just can’t picture a developer thinking to himself: “you know what would look cool there? A satanic wink to the Antichrist.

Dude. You’re a genius!”

Anyways, dear retro-PES players, beware when playing in Estadio Gran Chaco. Don’t use it as your home stadium, for obvious reasons – God might be watching; and when you play there as the away team, be sure to give a little extra to win the match and defeat evil. **ANOTHER SPOILER** Rosemary couldn’t do it back in the 60s, so it’ll probably take a lot more this time around…

Now, a word to Konami…

What the damn hell?

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