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WYC2019 Final – Serbia vs. Germany


The first-ever edition of the World Youth Cup comes to an end as Germany wins the title.

Serbia did look like the most dangerous side, always threatening Germany’s defense with their trademark offensive prowess lead by the constant creative Djerlek – though, as usual, Markovic was far from a positive influence up front. Thanks to Fruchtl’s heroics, including a stupendous penalty kick save when the game was still 0-0, Germany was able to hold on to a draw up until the last minutes of the match, when sub-ins Osterhage and Bakir built the winning goal of this final – two players that had no impact at all so far in this WYC!

Too bad for Serbia as they were always one of the most exciting teams to watch; however, Germany was undoubtedly the most constant of all of the 32 sides – despite the fact that they just won a competition without having a fairly-decent attacking individual or duo: it was their ever-reliable goalkeeper, defense and superbly dynamic midfield led by the likes of Evina and Abouchabaka who were able to get this title for the Germans.

Men of the Match: Fruchtl/Bakir. While all the latter did was score a goal – the winning goal! -, the former was the foundation of Germany’s success today, as we singlehandedly prevented Serbia’s potent offense from scoring and even saved a penalty kick!

Up: Djerlek. I’m already missing him…it’s always a joy to see this man play football and today was no exception.

Down: Germany’s attacking duo. This team deserved a much better attacking presence, yet they’re so good elsewhere that they didn’t even need decent strikers to win it all.

WYC2019 – Third Place Playoff | Belgium vs. Austria

(set to 0,50 speed to watch)

The tough to beat Austrians were once again exactly that. Aided by another good display in goal from Hedl, who is proving to be a shot stopper of some quality. Cuypers fluffed his lines with two good chances to take the outright Golden Boot. One in a remarkable incident where Hedl saved a shot from close range, Cuypers had the rebound blocked on the line by Meisl who somehow got across to block Openda’s shot from the rebound as well! The match went straight to penalties at 90 mins and the Belgians again unfortunately came up short from the spot kicks. Hedl saved 2, Cuypers missed and Austria scored there’s for a simple penalty shootout win.

The Golden Boot lead is shared by Griffiths and Cuypers with 5 goals apiece. Of those players in the Final, Markovic of Serbia has 2 whilst several German players have 1. Barring a remarkable performance from one of those in the Final the Golden Boot race would appear to be over.

(by: Mattmid)

WYC2019 – Semi-finals| Matchday #2 – Germany vs. Austria

As expected, Germany plot their way to the final. They were much the better team and but for an inspired goalkeeping display by Hedl, in the Austrian goal, it would have been much more confortable. However for all that, Edelhofer will be having nightmares tonight about his missed chance. A chance that given his keeper’s heroics in the opening 90 mins could actually have seen his side through to the final. A great ball across the box evaded the German defence and Edelhofer arrived perfectly to smash a volley agonisingly past the post, glancing the side netting on its way through. Had it been on target it was in, Fruchtl would never have been able to reach it. Germany though can rightly claim they deserved the win. Time and time again they troubled the Austrian goal. Hedl produced 2 or 3 world class saves, a couple at full stretch, to deny the German attack. Eventually it was from another Germany shot that there was little he could but block the ball fired in at fairly close range. Unfortunately his defence was not there to help with the lose ball and sub Hartmann pounced for what proved to be the winning goal.

M.o.M: Many of the German players played well but it has to go to Hedl. But for him it could easily have been another 3/4-0 for this powerful German side.

Down: Edelhofer. He’ll be reliving that moment for some time.

So, Germany reach the final and will go into it as favourites. The Serbs could well cause them problems at the back but do they have enough to contain the German attack? We shall find out.

First though Belgium meet Austria tomorrow for the Third Place Play Off.

WYC2019 – Quarter-finals recap

The Quarter-finals of the World Youth Cup 2019 comes to an end. Check out both the match reports and some of the broadcasted matches.

Match #1: Belgium 1-0 South Korea
Match #2: Ireland 0-1 Serbia
Match #3: Germany 4-0 Poland
Match #4: China 0-1 Austria

Everything comes to an end.

The exciting stories of some of the WYC19’s trademark underdogs have been closed as they’ve gotten a reality check by a few stronger teams and have ultimately been written out of the tournament.

South Korea were the first to go. They ascended to stardom after having beaten a probable title winners Portugal early on, yet they were unable to stop a potent Belgium side – though they only lost 1-0. Belgium sure looks like one of the top contenders at this point with their strong midfield built around workhorses Baiye and Masangu, who support creatives Patoulidis, Openda, Leoni and Cuypers.

Ireland were supposedly one of the weaker teams of the 32 that participated in the tournament, yet they quietly managed to get to the quarter-finals. Serbia was however a much more evolved beast as they completely dominated the match and forced Ireland to spend the whole match in its own midfield. The Irish were undoubtedly brave as they prevented Serbia from scoring up until the last five minutes – a 1-0 loss in the end wasn’t at all humiliating for them, given Serbia had scored five goals in just two matches before this encounter.

Poland had eliminated Spain in the Round of 16 in order to be drawn up against…Germany. Talk about bad luck…! This time around, the Germans made sure the underdog shenanigans didn’t happen on their watch and bulldozed Poland with an undeniable 4-0 win. Germany’s looking like one of the most competent (if not even the most solid) contenders at this point, even if they have yet to find a truly threatening striker to aggrandize their already powerfully dynamic offensive process.

Ultimate underdogs China (which were seen as the undisputed worst team of the competition before the WYC started) had shockingly eliminated mega-favourites England in the Round of 16 and were facing Austria on the quarter-finals. Well, that has to be a favorable draw, huh? Not so much: Austria relied on their already trademark defensive solidity and though they couldn’t do much on the offensive side, Schmid appeared out of nowhere to score the winning goal and ultimately lead the Austrians to a surprising semifinals presence. China, on the other hand, played beautifully as ever up until the very end and will surely be missed as they were playing one of the most exciting and provocative brands of football seen in this tournament.

Now, it’s time for Belgium, Serbia, Germany and Austria to show us what they’ve got in the upcoming semifinals. Who will win it all?

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